Judy has been leading musical circles for people of all ages for almost two decades as a Music Together teacher and licensed director. She has attended CircleSongs retreats with Bobby McFerrin (at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY) which has inspired her to bring more opportunities for collective music making to the general public as a mechanism for empowerment and healing. As a cantorial soloist, she creates sacred musical space for those seeking a musical way to connect to spirit.  One of her passions is to help non-singers (i.e., people who think they can’t sing) to find their voice so they can bring the joy of music into their lives. In 2019 she studied with Certified Sound Practitioner and creator of Sonic Mindfulness, Maraliz Campos. Recently, she completed certification as a Vibrational Sound Therapy practitioner.  




From helping you overcome a fear of singing or singing you into a meditative state,  Judy will lead you on a journey to discover all the ways music affects us.