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Sound/Song Baths

This practice has so many benefits...primarily, it will bring you to a place of deep calm so that your very cells can take over and do whatever healing it needs. Immerse yourself in the sounds of intuitive singing, crystal bowls, bells, chimes, drones and other overtone-emitting instruments. Use the power of sound to journey to a relaxed and meditative state. Sound meditation is form of meditation where sound is used as a therapeutic tool to help people disengage from their mental "roof" chatter. Experience with meditation is not necessary - often, sound meditation is helpful for people who have trouble with meditation.

Judy can create the perfect event whether it's a private session , for you and a group of friends in your home, at your school or place of work as part of our Mindfulness @ Work program.

Check the schedule below or contact Judy to join us us at our next event. 

Upcoming Sound/Song Baths

(click events for more info)

Judy is a Vibrational Sound Therapy practitioner (certified by the Vibrational Sound Association).

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